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Playboy Pinball

The backglass depicts Hugh Hefner with 1976 Playmate Patti McGuire and 1977 Playmate Sondra Theodore. Tom Nieman, VP of Marketing for Bally Pinball, told us his name or initials appeared on most backglasses of this time period for which he obtained the license. On this game, his name appears on the champagne bottle.

The start-up tune, Grotto tune, and bonus score countdown tune resemble portions of Cy Coleman’s “Playboy’s Theme” from the 1969 TV show “Playboy After Dark”.

Playfield features

Sample playfield pictured from

Notable Features: Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (3), Slingshots (2), Standup targets (6), 5-bank drop targets (1), Upper left kickback lane (the Grotto).

Maximum displayed point score is 999,990 points per player.

Playboy playfield sample picture

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