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Dance the night way with our selection of Jukeboxes!

Jukeboxes are the perfect party addition to your establishment. They add a touch of retro nostalgia to any dance-floor & picking your favorite song can create a fun social activity for your patrons. With a huge library of hundreds of thousands of songs available digitally over broadband, and about 3,000 stored on the jukeboxes hard drives, your customers can always find, pay for and play a song they want to hear.


Let the music play!

– Touchscreen digital internet by Touchtunes and AMI
– Huge library of thousands of songs via broadband
– 3,000 stored on the machine’s hard drive
– Karaoke, photos and music videos available

Details , details, details..

Accept most credit cards
Earn up to twice as much as a typical CD jukebox
Floor and wall models
Profit sharing
Can connect directly to your existing wireless or wired internet

Create a fun, social experience

Mobiles Apps, myTouchTunes and AMI Barlink, generate more plays by making it a snap to create and play from their custom playlists, and drives repeat business by building a social network around the jukebox experience. Mobile Apps allow you to earn bonus credits!

TouchTunes Bar Rewards allows the management to create an account that rewards loyal players with bonus credits and other benefits. AMI and TouchTunes both offer a user account where the management can set up bar advertising for specials and events, as well as make music changes.

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