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Funhouse $4900

The game’s overall theme is that of a funhouse, with the player taking on the role of a visitor to see its attractions. The overall goal of the game is to advance the “game time” to midnight and cause the FunHouse to close, allowing the player to start multiball mode. A secondary goal of the game is to complete the “Mystery Mirror” by lighting all of its modes, starting “Super Frenzy” mode.

Background information

Type:     Solid State Electronic (SS) Production: 10,750 units (approximate) Theme: Happiness – Circus/Carnival

Concept by: Pat Lawlor      Design by: Pat Lawlor, Larry DeMar   Art by: John Youssi   Toys:  A talking head named “Rudy”.

Notable Features: Flippers (3), Pop bumpers (3), Manual plungers (2), Ramp (1), Standup targets (4), 3-bank standup targets (1), Cellar holes (3), Dual right inlanes, 2- or 3-ball Multiball. The ramp has a diverter that guides the ball either to the left inlane or the left outlane for a left plunger skill shot attempt. Upper loop has a “trapdoor” that opens briefly when an upper loop shot is made. A talking head opens mouth when click reaches midnight. Then, the player must shoot a ball into the mouth to earn 1,000,000 points and start ‘Midnight Multiball’.


FH Rt head
FH Rt head
FH left side
FH Rt side
FH left side
FH Lower PF

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