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Tales From The Crypt

Average Fun Rating: [ 8 stars – Click for comments ] 8.0/10 (139 ratings/100 comments)
Manufacturer: Data East Pinball, Incorporated (1986-1994)
Model Number: 500-5518-01
Common Abbreviations: TFTC
MPU: DataEast/Sega Version 3
Type: Solid State Electronic (SS) [?] Production: 4,500 units (confirmed)

Theme: Licensed Theme – Comic Book – Horror

Notable Features: Flippers (3), Pop bumpers (3), Spinning targets (2), Ramps (2), Scoops (2), 3-bank drop targets (1), Eyeball targets (6), Captive ball (1), 3- and 6-ball Multiball modes, Autoplunger shaped like doorhandle with head of cryptkeeper. Shaker motor.
Toys: Rising and lowering gravestone.
Design by: John Borg
Art by: Kurt Andersen, Markus Rothkranz
Dots/Animation by: Kurt Andersen, Jack Liddon
Mechanics by: John Borg
Music by: Brian Schmidt
Sound by: Brian Schmidt
Software by: Kristina Donofrio, John Carpenter, Neil Falconer
Notes: At the end of the credits, it says ‘IN LOVING MEMORY OF: WILLIAM GAINES’. William Gaines (aka Bill Gaines), was the publisher and co-editor of EC Comics, which published the “Tales from the Crypt” comic series along with its related comics “The Vault of Horror” and “The Haunt of Fear”.

TFTC Topper
TFTC backglass & topper
TFTC Lower playfield
TFTC mid playfield
TFTC Upper playfield
FH Rt head
TFTC right side
TFTC Rt head
TFTC Coin Door
TFTC Playfield

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